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Jeff is a fully qualified fitness instructor, sports injury therapist and karate instructor.  He has been dedicated to multiple sports since his teenage days through to present day, including bodybuilding, boxing, kickboxing, athletics and karate. He has achieved awards in body building, County athletics, Tang Soo Do – Regional, National, British, European and World karate championships. Jeff has a Criminal Records Bureau disclosure to work with children and in schools.  Jeff's ultimate goal is for people to come along and enjoy themselves whilst learning Tang Soo Do in a supportive environment. He is committed to improving student's fitness, self-defence techniques and supporting them in achieving their goals.

I am committed to improving my client’s health, fitness and well-being. I am dedicated to helping my client’s succeed in achieving their goals. Jeff Cockram is a master of Tang Soo Do and has represented Great Britain in the team sparring category on multiple occasions for both the European and World Tang Soo Do championships.



Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy

Certificate in Teaching Exercise and Fitness – exercise to music, gym

Certificate in Teaching Exercise and Fitness – health, exercise and fitness

Certificate in Teaching Exercise and Fitness – anatomy and physiology

Certificate in the Treatment and Management of Injuries in Football

Certificate in Tissue Manipulation, Muscle Energy Techniques for Spine and Pelvis Dysfunction

CPD Training for Spinal Touch Therapy

Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checked to work with children



Jeff Cockram