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Fitness Training
Do you need to get fit?
Are you tired of going to the gym and not seeing any improvement?
Are you bored of the same fitness regime?
Do you lack motivation when it comes to fitness?

If so, then this could be the perfect solution for you to:

Focus on your aims and targets

Define a personalised fitness programme to suit your needs, levels and goals

Personal dietary and nutritional advice

Provide you with a dedicated motivational personal fitness experience

The Personal Fitness Experience:
Starts with a FREE 15 minute body MOT assessment in order to establish your current health
situation and understand exactly what you aim to gain from your personal fitness experience,
this enables your first fitness session to commence straight away to ensure that time is
maximised to focus on achieving your goals.

The personal fitness session is totally focused on you, coaching you through your tailored
Fitness programme, varying your exercises, using different techniques to maximise your
results, motivating you to maintain your interest and focus by working together to achieve
your goals.  For further information please contact Jeff Cockram, for prices please click here.

Fitness Class:
For those of you who would prefer a group fitness session or are working with a budget,
there is a women’s combat fitness class.  These fitness programmes are focused
on all round exercises.  Please notify your fitness instructor at the start of the class
if you have any injuries or medical conditions, your exercises will be modified according to
your ability.  For further information please click here.